Michenfelder – Pioneer and Innovator in Measurement and Control Technology

Founded in 1976, Michenfelder sees itself as an innovative leader in the field of measurement and control technology. The process-engineering and process-reliable preparation of bulk materials is our profession. Today, we are known internationally as the specialist in the foundry industry.

We started in the building materials and concrete industry. Over the decades, the focus of our products has evolved from electromechanical solutions to complex, software-controlled products and systems.

As an innovator of various processes and applications, we have been creating customized solutions for the specific requirements of our customers in everyday production for decades.

Foundry Industry

Foundries are a fundamental part of the industrial supply industry. As a central element of the supply chain, especially in automotive and mechanical engineering, they are in a key position.

As a pioneer of a holistic approach to moulding sand preparation, Michenfelder developed the concept of the modular moulding sand management system FoMaSys®. Our goal is the extensive reduction of moulding sand-related casting scrap by means of high-precision, automated measurement and control technology, and thus a sparing and environmentally sound use of resources.

Concrete Industry

The word concrete is derived from the French béton, which in turn comes from the Old French betun (mortar, cement). Today, concrete is the standard building material for the construction of new buildings and infrastructure projects.

We have been offering measurement and control systems for concrete production since 1976. Initially electromechanical, today software-controlled solutions based on our MICOMP 5 platform are the means of choice to guarantee perfect properties of the material concrete in production.

Other Industries

Whether bulk materials, sand-lime brick production or injection molding, we can help. On request, we develop individual measurement and control technology for any industry.


Foundry Industry

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Concrete Industry

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Other Industries

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Our software and hardware is developed, produced and programmed in-house. This strategy gives us complete access to our measurement and control technology. The advantage for our customers? More precision and granular control compared to standardized control modules. In addition, this gives us the opportunity to implement special requests that are necessary for the process.

Our products are completely geared to your needs. Whether for the casting program of a demanding customer foundry, large-scale production or production manufactory, our systems adapt and control with precision.


Our Professional Line, based on our Black-Box hardware, is designed for simple requirements in the field of measurement and control technology. The hardware corresponds to the current state of the art and is based on our decades of experience.


Our Expert-Line molding sand management system “FoMaSys®” was designed for customers with complex requirements. The modular design allows FoMaSys® to be specifically adapted and adjusted to your plant configuration. The modules can be used both individually and networked in the system.

Industry 4.0? Has been reality for our customers for decades! With FoMaSys® you collect a data set with over 200 individual values per batch. If sand-related defects ever occur in the casting, the system helps you to quickly localize the cause, thus saving costs and resources and protecting the environment.

The core processes and process control run on the MICOMP5 controllers specially developed by us. Since we have the highest demands in terms of process and production reliability, all systems are equipped with multi-level redundant fallback levels.

Together we will find the right solutions for your requirements. Feel free to arrange a consultation appointment with us.

ME Services

In a highly networked economy, you need strong partners. Whether a project is in Germany, Asia or South America, we come to you. Since our company was founded, we have been working for our customers all over the world.

We are not only available during installation, but also during operation with support and analysis competence. We help with the maintenance and testing of the measurement and control technology on site and provide support in the event of problems in production via remote service. With our consulting service we help to avoid expensive bad investments.

You can find more information about our services in the download area.



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