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Pre-Investment Consulting and Moulding Sand Circuit Analysis

Planning or modernisation of a sand preparation plant involves more than just throughput per hour. Please, make use of Michenfelder experience with a multitude of mixer, cooler and hopper concepts, their mode of operation and their specific advantages and disadvantages. In the planning phase, already,

the course is set for subsequent control capabilities for moulding sand properties, which is unfortunately not always recognised. Do profit from the many years of practical experience of our technical staff and of over 50 years of personal experience of the active company founder. There is hardly anybody else who has seen so many different sand preparation plants, so many good or hair-raising solutions, like him and his technical team. We direct our focus on facts, processes and concepts, but take care also of the details between knock-out grid and moulding plant, all of which having a critical influence on sand quality. This will provide food for thought, possibilities found to steer quality, and occasionally unconventional solutions will be proposed. We shall be pleased to be available for consultancy or technical stock taking, if our opinion is wanted, for clarification of feasibility or for factual information on measuring, testing and control concepts for controlling sand quality. We are offering cost-effective consultancy flat rates with refund option in case of order placement.

For quick response in between – expert support by e-mail or telephone

Our customers estimate the quick and efficient support by our workshop technicians.

Technical staff on-site

Our technician-engineers are working around the world. Michenfelder is planning these operations ahead and offers fair service conditions.

Maintenance contracts

The regular servicing on an annual basis of your Michenfelder systems, as a measure of preventive maintenance, is of advantage in many respects. The performance of your systems and, therefore, the control of moulding sand quality, is maintained on a high level. In case of new plants and systems there is the possibility of an extension of guarantee. Specialist training for employees will be provided. In addition, charges for servicing work in conjunction with a maintenance contract will be significantly lower than separate unplanned jobs, because – if possible – contract service visits are tried to be bundled. Should you be a customer already, we shall be pleased to submit an offer.

Remote servicing by internet

Our systems are working around the world. The users of process control system MiPro with remote maintenance function benefit from the possibility of cost-effective trouble shooting, of analyses and system servicing per internet – without need to have a specialist on location. One single problem identified and solved by internet can, compared with costs of a service visit, justify the investment. We are offering fair conditions also for this online-service.