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In a critical and at the same time solution-oriented way, Mr. Alfred Liedtke, with his trade press article in the September issue of CP&T (Casting Plant & Technology), takes a close look to the challenges of Moulding Sand Preparation in the age of Industry 4.0.

Process-integrated molding material management (CP&T 12/2014)

With its new Online-Sandlab, Michenfelder Elektrotechnik GmbH & Co. KG (based in Mainz, Germany) has optimized the monitoring and control of important molding material parameters, supplementing its modular molding sand management system FoMaSys. For the first time, the measurement of gas permeability has been shifted to the preparation stage.


New demands in sand preparation ask for new solutions. Presentation of the new ONLINE-SANDLAB with, worldwide for the first time, integrated permeability testing into the conditioning process directly at the moulding plant.

(only available in German language)

The All-In-One sand testing system ONLINE-SANDLAB (GIESSEREI 02/2014)

This article informs about the market release of the ONLINE-SANDLAB on the occasion of Formstofftage 2014 in Duisburg, Germany, of the changed requirements placed on the sand preparation process in modern foundries and about the introduction of FoMaSys in a Brazilian foundry.

(only available in German language)

Constant compactability where it really matters (FOUNDRY TRADE JOURNAL 6/2009)

The German company Michenfelder is a pioneer in the concept in system solutions that automatically keep moulding sand quality within tight tolerances where it really matters – directly at the moulding machine.

Measuring where it really matters (GIESSEREI-ERFAHRUNGSAUSTAUSCH 11/2008)

The report introduces the FoMaSys modules and describes the particular processtechnical advantages and features (English translation of a German article).

Complete control of moulding sand quality – Part II – The mixer matters (GIESSEREI-ERFAHRUNGSAUSTAUSCH 6/2007)

Examination of the processes in sand preparation with focus on the green sand mixer from the point of view of the practical foundryman.

(only available in German language)

Complete control of moulding sand quality – Part I – Need for optimisation (GIESSEREI-ERFAHRUNGSAUSTAUSCH 5/2007)

Examination of the processes in sand preparation from the point of view of the practical foundryman.

(only available in German language)

Neuartiges vernetztes Formsand-Management-System ist im Einsatz (GIESSEREI-ERFAHRUNGSAUSTAUSCH 10/2005)

Durch den Einbau einzelner Mess- und Prüfsysteme, die erstmals miteinander vernetzt wurden sowie über ein zentrales Prozessleitsystem bedient, überwacht und parametriert werden können, realisiert eine deutsche Giesserei viele Vorteile.

A moulding sand management system catches on (CASTING PLANT + TECHNOLOGY INTERNATIONAL 3/2005)

By the installation of individual measuring and testing systems, which for the first time were interlinked and which can be operated, monitored and parameterised via a central process control system a German foundry realises many advantages.

Systematic moulding sand preparation (CAST METAL TIMES 7/2003)

Introduction of sophisticated networking system combination for moulding sand quality control at the moulding machine composed of precisely working in-mixer moisture control system MICOMP UNI and online sand testing system VEDIMAT

Moulding sand preparation with a system – Part 2 (DFB-INFORMATION 9/2002)

Part 2 of the technical paper describes the process-technically optimised moisture  measurement in sand preparation and the prevention of disturbance variables affecting the measuring process.

(only available in German language)

25 years moulding sand with a system (GIESSEREI-PRAXIS 8/2002)

With an extensive range of measuring and testing systems for moulding sand preparation Michenfelder is an important partner for the foundry industry.

(only available in German language)

Moulding sand preparation with a system – Part 1 (DFB-INFORMATION 6/2002)

The application of suitable measuring systems and choice of the correct measuring
point is decisive for lasting precise control of moulding sand moisture.

(only available in German language)

Michenfelder moisture control and sand testing system in South African foundry (casting sa 2/2000)

Moulding sand plant project at Eclipse Foundry (Ozz Group) under the management of ENDECO CC.

Optimisation of the sand preparation process in an iron foundry (CASTING PLANT + TECHNOLOGY INTERNATIONAL 2/2000)

Water addition in the fluid-bed cooler which is solely controlled by temperature is no longer up to the times. For a customer a fluid-bed cooler was equipped with a fully automatic moisture measuring and control system. The result was a significant reduction of moulding sand related scrap.