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When are the systems LC and LC-M to be recommended?

Experience has shown that the main motivation of a foundry management is to exploit with an investment the full technological potential of improvement of sand quality for reducing the sand related scrap rate. This can be provided by the Moulding Sand Management System FoMaSys with its concept of continuous moisture measurement in mixers and coolers and interlinking of the measuring, testing and control systems strategically placed in the sand preparation plant. But in this segment also other objectives and motivations are possible.

With regard to technical design and price there are occasionally solutions required which do not have to provide absolute precision in the one-hundredth-range or a sophisticated control technology with many options, extensibility and comfort as the maximum solution. This means that when the objective of automation of the measuring and dosing process is the main topic, when “extreme freak values” in the field of sand moisture, which normally cause annoying and costly interruptions of production, are to be prevented by means of a simple system, then the moulding sand moisturising system LC can be an interesting alternative to a highly precise system like MICOMP UNI Type G-CH.

Moisture measuring and moulding sand moisturising system LC

System LC is based on the principle of moisture measurement on the mixer feeding belt or – as an alternative design – in the used sand scale (as offered by competitors). The price of System LC can be compared with other systems on the market, working also on this basis. The Michenfelder measurement principle: Complex impedance measurement.

Moisture measuring and moulding sand moisturising system LC-M

Type LC-M is available as an additional alternative. This variant is based on the typical Michenfelder principle of moisture measurement in the mixer. System LC-M is also a technological starting solution for uncomplicated automation of moisture dosing.

The difference between System LC and System LC-M

The belt-based solution LC offers velocity advantages because the water addition can take place directly together with material input. The mixer-based solution LC-M offers advantages with regard to accuracy, because a dry pre-homogenised mix provides a more precise measurement result.