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FoMaSys – The Moulding Sand Management System

12 Years FoMaSys

As a pioneer of the comprehensive approach in moulding sand preparation Michenfelder developed more than 12 years ago the concept of the modular Moulding Sand Management System FoMaSys. The objective was – at that time as today – the reduction

of moulding sand related casting scrap at the moulding machine to the most possible extent. Michenfelder achieves this by means of FoMaSys in an outstanding manner, with measurable results, directly at the moulding machine. From individual systems used separately so far in sand plants for moisture measurement and control, mechanical sand testing and process data monitoring an higher level networked system of interlinked and interacting modules, called FoMaSys, was created.

Funnelling – the conceptual basic idea

The conceptual basic idea is the continuous reconditioning of the moulding sand quality in the sand circuit. From the shake-out grid to the sand cooler, from the used sand hopper to the

green sand mixer and from there to the moulding machine. From station to station the interlinked FoMaSys modules reduce step-by-step the fluctuations of the sand quality up to the moulding machine. This process is called funnelling. Accurately at the spot where sand condition is most crucial and optimum flowability is required, FoMaSys will fully automatically ensure consistent compactability within a fluctuation range reduced to a minimum. Not anywhere in the sand circuit, not anywhere during the sand preparation process, but directly at the moulding machine, mould by mould.

Staying ahead, with knowledge and experience

A Moulding Sand Management System is only as good as the different measuring, control and testing systems of which it consists. By means of the continuous, over decades  improved,

moisture measuring and control technology output moisture values behind coolers (±0.05 – 0.2%*) and mixers (±0.05 – 0.1%*) are guaranteed with smallest fluctuation margins in the range of a few hundredths. This is the core competence on which FoMaSys is founded. On this and on the process-technically sophisticated system interlinking and its optimized placing the capability for automatic stabilisation of the compactability directly at the moulding machine with VEDIMAT or the brand-new ONLINE-SANDLAB is based.

*1st Standard deviation

Two facts confirm the concept: Enthusiastic customers and plagiarisers

Satisfied customers are the most important objective, in the first place. Sustainable satisfaction arises from the knowledge that the investment into FoMaSys is being paid for by the reduction of sand related

casting scrap, i.e. its costs are quickly recovered and it is supported by excellent followup service. Both facts are a typical Michenfelder feature. First plagiarisers of the comprehensive approach and of technical details confirm the concept. To us, this shows, that we are taking the right route and that we have the lead. Benefit from this advance for your sand preparation plant and rely on the leading Michenfelder technology.