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Process control system MiPro

What can MiPro do for you?

The modular software-hardware combination MiPro is far more than just a database and visualisation. Of course, MiPro meets also these requirements and offers a complete

QM batch documentation, but that is only a minor part of the MiPro capabilities. MiPro takes the sand preparation process into the office. By connecting the measuring and control subsystems distributed over the plant to MiPro, one can control and monitor the moulding sand quality from a single, central point. All important information from the moisture measuring and control systems arrives here and can also be utilised through MiPro in real time. All systems can be operated through MiPro in 1-to-1 visualisation, exactly as being present at the actual device in the plant. In addition, MiPro is also an important tool for statistical analysis, for alarm administration and follow-up of trends, a tool which will become indispensable very quickly. MiPro serves also as a long-term database for storing all important process data, like input and output moisture, compactability, compression strength, permeability, temperature, mixing dynamics and other data.


Performance at a glance:

  • Many graphic presentation and statistical analysing functions for the evaluation of archived and real time process data
  • Display of trends
  • Long-term archiving of process data (database function)
  • Alarm check management
  • Remote control of connected subsystems in 1-to-1 visualisation
  • Detailed batch statistics for QM documentation

Optionally available functions:

  • Programming function “MOULDING SAND MATRIX® “ -> The navigation system for the sand preparation process
  • Programming function “REMOTE MAINTENANCE“ -> Enables servicing access to all connected measuring and testing system via internet
  • Programming function “LAB PAGE“ -> Makes MiPro a laboratory data storing and evaluation system
  • Programming function “PRINTER PAGE“ -> Provides a large number of printing options
  • Vertical integration of collected process data into higher-level computer systems via Ethernet-TCP/IP.
  • Dual monitoring function (Software and hardware extension for advantageous parallel visualisation via two TFT monitors, for instance for simultaneous presentation of total plant overview and of a part component in detail)
  • … and others more

The Moulding sand matrix® – The navigation system for the sand preparation process

By means of MOULDING SAND MATRIX MiPro can be extended optionally. This is an absolutely new (and by copyright protected) presentation format

for monitoring moulding sand specific quality parameters in the production process in real time. The MOULDING SAND MATRIX generates automatically requests for taking suitable counter measures when a previously defined quality window is left. In this connection the user benefits greatly that the corresponding “adjusting point” is clearly pointed out to him which he must use in the process. The economical advantage for the foundry is the time gained by means of the valuable findings about process interactions presented in real time and the action requests resulting from this. Any time consuming guessing about causes, effects and countermeasures is omitted. Suitable countermeasures can be started immediately. Thus, sand related foundry scrap can be reduced.