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Moisture measuring and control systems for green sand mixers

Over 50 years of experience with measurement inside mixers

The incomparably high reproducibility of material output moisture within very close limits is possible only by continuous measurement inside the mixer. As only in the mixer

all moulding sand components, like sand, additives and water are combined, it is possible only in the mixer to obtain a representative and precise determination of the moisture. The sand moisture is monitored without interruption right from the moment the material enters the mixer until it is emptied and is maintained automatically with a minimum of fluctuations on the desired level.

With a reliability and a preciseness no other system can offer, the MICOMP 5 Type G-CH unit converts fully automatically a fluctuating entry moisture level into a consistent output moisture level.

The system can be installed subsequently in an existing plant simply and with proven great success and without any noticeable interruptions of production. Nearly all commercial batch mixers, but also continuous mixers, can be fitted with the system.