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Meet us at GIFA 2019

Hall 16/G23

For more than 40 years MICHENFELDER has been the global technological leader for moisture measurement systems and control systems in the foundry and building materials industries.

As a developer and manufacturer of our own hardware and software, we are able to offer individual and customized solutions for process optimization. We are of course at our customers’ disposal with our expert knowledge.

Advanced technology, automation and industry 4.0 are our competences. We create added value for our customers by lowering the production costs, saving resources and reducing environmental pollution.

At this year’s GIFA we will present our newly established product lines. Furthermore, we will give short presentations about sand preparing at our booth. We look forward to your visit and good discussions at Gifa.


In a critical and at the same time solution-oriented way, Mr. Alfred Liedtke, with his trade press article in the September issue of CP&T

(Casting Plant & Technology), takes a close look to the challenges of Moulding Sand Preparation in the age of Industry 4.0.

Generation Change at Michenfelder Elektrotechnik

Dear ladies and gentlemen, our former Managing Director and founder of the company Manfred Michenfelder has handed over the management of the company with effect from 1st July, 2017, to his son, Martin Michenfelder, and has retired from executive duties.


Martin Michenfelder will in future manage the company jointly with Christoph Huck, who has been a Managing Director with this company since 2004.

Our new/old joint management will stand for inter-generational continuation and competency of Michenfelder Elektrotechnik  GmbH & Co. KG.

Christoph Huck will continue to be responsible for sections Administration, Order processing and Human resources.  Martin Michenfelder has taken over from 1st July sections Strategic enterprise organisation, Sales and Finances.  Section Technical development will remain within the responsibility of our Technical Director Dipl.-Ing. Alfred Liedke.


Manfred Michenfelder, founder of Michenfelder Elektrotechnik  GmbH & Co. KG, existing since 1976, has withdrawn from active duties and has handed these over to the next generation.  Numerous patents and many process-related findings in the foundry industry are connected inseparably with his name and have laid the basis for our name as a technology leader. Over 40 years experience in the industry and an extraordinary personality have contributed to our position as a reliable and competent partner.


We wish to express at this opportunity our thanks to Manfred Michenfelder for his successful work and forward-looking positioning of the company. As principal partner and consultant Manfred Michenfelder will continue to be available to the company with his expertise.


The tradition as a family-managed company will be carried on by Martin Michenfelder. Since childhood already, he participated with the activities of this father at home at the kitchen table. So far working in sections Organisation and Sales for Michenfelder Elektrotechnik  GmbH & Co. KG, he will in future jointly with Christoph Huck be responsible for the core business, develop new business fields and technical development within the scope of Industry 4.0.


The name of Michenfelder Elektrotechnik is standing for competency, reliability and innovation. You may look forward with us to new products and our proven service.


Yours faithfully,


Manfred Michenfelder

Martin Michenfelder

Christoph Huck

FoMaSys & 40 Years of Michenfelder

For 40 years Michenfelder has been specializing in optimizing the sand quality in moulding sand plants. Profit from our outstanding know-how and convince yourself of the unique MICHENFELDER concept!


The technologically leading and modular Moulding Sand Management System FoMaSys provides valuable contributions by

  • significant reduction of sand-related spoiled castings
  • increase of operating efficiency
  • saving ressources and energy and thus operating costs in the sand preparation plant

This has been confirmed in writing by some of our worldwide customers. More information about the advantages and the unique selling points of our solutions can be taken from attached PDF-file.

New ONLINE-SANDLAB with process-integrated permeability measurement

During the Moulding Material Conference (Formstofftage) at Duisburg, Germany, in February 2014, the prototype of the new ONLINE-SANDLAB with process-integrated permeability measurement was presented for the first time.

With the new ONLINE-SANDLAB Michenfelder revolutionises the monitoring and control of moulding material parameters and complements the modular Moulding Sand Management System FoMaSys. In a compact automatic testing unit for conveyor belt installation there are several devices combined for the determination of a so far unequalled multitude of quality-relevant variables for sand preparation. For the first time, also permeability testing has been relocated away from the laboratory into the sand preparation process. This relocation allows action and reaction based on an enormously enlarged and directly at the moulding plant generated database in real time.

The MICOMP series is fit for the future

This system is holding a leading position with regard to control accuracy, due to the measuring components integrated into the respective equipment (mixer/cooler) and the continuous measuring process, since many years. This will also in future continue to be the outstanding and determining feature of the Michenfelder philosophy.


Change-over to field bus technology

However, all current model versions of the MICOMP UNI series for the different fields of  application in moisture measurement and sand testing are now being converted one by one to the field bus technology. In order to make the systems still more flexible, more comfortable and more efficient the measuring circuit electronics will in future be relocated to the mixer/cooler and connected via field bus to the process control and evaluation unit. This improves operational reliability and reduces simultaneously cabling effort. In addition, the user benefits from more flexible connection and extension alternatives.
Conversion from sandwich design to plug-in board architecture / New display technology
Except for a new more stable LED display technology the familiar look and the proven robust operating interface will remain the same. The internal component architecture has been converted completely from sandwich to plug-in board design. This has made the space-saving control modules of the MICOMP 5 generation more service and repair friendly.


Remote maintenance via Internet (TCP/IP)

So far remote maintenance of individual moisture measuring and control systems has been possible only in conjunction with the central additional process control and quality assurance system MiPro. In future remote maintenance of the new MICOMP 5 series per internet will also be possible when used as a single system. The remote maintenance option is of particular interest due to the fact that in many cases it will be possible to avoid service technician work at site, the costs of which as a rule are a multiple higher, compared with remote maintenance service.





FoMaSys – Introduction into Brazilian foundry

In spite of difficult general conditions in the sand circuit of the final customer, the introduction of FoMaSys in the plant was so successful that immediately after activation of the system it was possible

to shut several of the total 12 hand moulding places, because the number of scrapped moulds was drastically reduced due to stabilisation of the sand quality.