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New ONLINE-SANDLAB with process-integrated permeability measurement

During the Moulding Material Conference (Formstofftage) at Duisburg, Germany, in February 2014, the prototype of the new ONLINE-SANDLAB with process-integrated permeability measurement was presented for the first time. With the new ONLINE-SANDLAB Michenfelder revolutionises the monitoring and control of moulding material parameters and complements the modular Moulding Sand Management System FoMaSys. In a compact automatic testing unit for conveyor belt installation there are several devices combined for the determination of a so far unequalled multitude of quality-relevant variables for sand preparation. For the first time, also permeability testing has been relocated away from the laboratory into the sand preparation process. This relocation allows action and reaction based on an enormously enlarged and directly at the moulding plant generated database in real time.