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The MICOMP series is fit for the future

This system is holding a leading position with regard to control accuracy, due to the measuring components
integrated into the respective equipment (mixer/cooler) and the continuous measuring process, since many
years. This will also in future continue to be the outstanding and determining feature of the Michenfelder


Change-over to field bus technology

However, all current model versions of the MICOMP UNI series for the different fields of application in
moisture measurement and sand testing are now being converted one by one to the field bus technology. In
order to make the systems still more flexible, more comfortable and more efficient the measuring circuit
electronics will in future be relocated to the mixer/cooler and connected via field bus to the process control
and evaluation unit. This improves operational reliability and reduces simultaneously cabling effort. In
addition, the user benefits from more flexible connection and extension alternatives.


Conversion from sandwich design to plug-in board architecture / New display technology

Except for a new more stable LED display technology the familiar look and the proven robust operating
interface will remain the same. The internal component architecture has been converted completely from
sandwich to plug-in board design. This has made the space-saving control modules of the MICOMP 5
generation more service and repair friendly.


Remote maintenance via Internet (TCP/IP)

So far remote maintenance of individual moisture measuring and control systems has been possible only in
conjunction with the central additional process control and quality assurance system MiPro. In future remote
maintenance of the new MICOMP 5 series per internet will also be possible when used as a single system.
The remote maintenance option is of particular interest due to the fact that in many cases it will be possible
to avoid service technician work at site, the costs of which as a rule are a multiple higher, compared with
remote maintenance service.