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Generation Change at Michenfelder Elektrotechnik

Dear ladies and gentlemen,


our former Managing Director and founder of the company Manfred Michenfelder has handed over the management of the company with effect from 1st July, 2017, to his son, Martin Michenfelder, and has retired from executive duties.


Martin Michenfelder will in future manage the company jointly with Christoph Huck, who has been a Managing Director with this company since 2004.

Our new/old joint management will stand for inter-generational continuation and competency of Michenfelder Elektrotechnik  GmbH & Co. KG.

Christoph Huck will continue to be responsible for sections Administration, Order processing and Human resources.  Martin Michenfelder has taken over from 1st July sections Strategic enterprise organisation, Sales and Finances.  Section Technical development will remain within the responsibility of our Technical Director Dipl.-Ing. Alfred Liedke.


Manfred Michenfelder, founder of Michenfelder Elektrotechnik  GmbH & Co. KG, existing since 1976, has withdrawn from active duties and has handed these over to the next generation.  Numerous patents and many process-related findings in the foundry industry are connected inseparably with his name and have laid the basis for our name as a technology leader. Over 40 years experience in the industry and an extraordinary personality have contributed to our position as a reliable and competent partner.


We wish to express at this opportunity our thanks to Manfred Michenfelder for his successful work and forward-looking positioning of the company. As principal partner and consultant Manfred Michenfelder will continue to be available to the company with his expertise.


The tradition as a family-managed company will be carried on by Martin Michenfelder. Since childhood already, he participated with the activities of this father at home at the kitchen table. So far working in sections Organisation and Sales for Michenfelder Elektrotechnik  GmbH & Co. KG, he will in future jointly with Christoph Huck be responsible for the core business, develop new business fields and technical development within the scope of Industry 4.0.

The name of Michenfelder Elektrotechnik is standing for competency, reliability and innovation. You may look forward with us to new products and our proven service.


Yours faithfully,

Manfred Michenfelder
Martin Michenfelder
Christoph Huck