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Worldwide customers trust in Michenfelder Elektrotechnik for more than 50 years

Over 50 years of personal involvement and more than 2000 successfully integrated systems worldwide.


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Generation Change at Michenfelder Elektrotechnik

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FoMaSys & 40 Years of Michenfelder

For 40 years Michenfelder has been specializing in optimizing the sand quality in moulding sand plants […] read more

» Michenfelder is a pioneer and forerunner of many well-established processes
for measuring and controlling important sand parameters and is today the supplier of
the process- technically leading Moulding Sand Management System
for green sand conditioning

Since 2002

FoMaSys - The leading concept in the field of process-integrated moulding material management.

Since 1993

Systemised moulding sand preparation - from shake-out grid to the moulding machine.

Since 1962

Personal experience with mixer-integrated moisture measuring and control systems.